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FlameGard® - Beautiful Backdrop with Fire Retardant

We received this beautiful sequinned fabric that is perfect for the holidays. It is being used as a backdrop at a school, and it needed to meet special fire codes. This beautiful fabric is so versatile and a staple for holiday backdrops. Since this backdrop is set up at a school, there are special fire codes that have to be met before installing it where it is going to be displayed. FlameGard® is a very important and popular service that we offer. With over 15 years in business we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we can always answer any questions about a service that is required if you are not familiar with it. FlameGard® is a that is a requirement is various industries because it reduces flammability on fabric and delays combustion. Although all fabrics will burn, those that are treated will resist flames significantly better than non-treated fabrics. We have two options for FlameGard® to ensure that your fabric maintains the original hand, color, and texture that it had when it arrived to our facilities. If fire retardant is required, we do provide certificates of application to meet various codes. Commonly used fire codes for fabrics are: ASTM E-84 Adhered (wall-covering & panel), FPA 260 / UFAC (upholstery), and NFPA 701 Test #1 Small Scale (drapery). As you can see in the picture below, the fabric looks beautiful and it meets the special fire codes that are required by the fire marshal.

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