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FabBond® - Substrate Bonding Linen and Felt

This week, we received a linen fabric that needed to be bonded to felt. FabBond® is a popular service that we offer because it allows designers to bond two or more substrates to create a wide variety of things including custom koozies, outdoor pool tables, costume fabric, hyde, leather, vinyls and more. FabBond® creates a permanent bond between the linen fabric and felt, which results in a better quality product. Bonding the linen fabric to the felt provides enhanced durability, puncture resistance, and stiffness. This permanent bond will be used to create office cubicles. This is a great resource for commercial designers and firms, who work on designs for company headquarters and offices. Give us a call at 678-566-0932 to learn more and to place your first sample order today!



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