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FabricBack Introduces FabTuff® Puncture Resistant Backing

Tear Resistant Backing Adds Durability to Fabrics and Protects Upholstery and Flooring from Stiletto Damage.

FabTuff 1 Fire-Resistant Puncture Protection for Upholstery Fabric

FabTuff® backing adds puncture resistance to leather and fabrics for commercial upholstery or flooring. Tear and puncture resistant backing is bonded to leather or fabric creating a composite material that is strong enough to withstand the most demanding applications. Typical applications are restaurant booths, chairs, seating, nightclub dance floors and upholstery, as well as other high traffic areas in commercial environments that require resistance to punctures from stiletto high heels or other penetrating objects.

Puncture Resistant Backing for Upholstery - FabTuff 1

The hospitality industry and entertainment venues will love the cost savings afforded by FabTuff®. The increased lifespan of their floors and upholstered furniture will result in less frequent replacement, thereby providing significant cost savings.

We offer two different types of FabTuff® backing.

FabTuff® 1 backing is a puncture and tear resistant backing which is permanently bonded to your fabric or leather. Commonly used for upholstered furniture.

Puncture Resistant Vinyl Backing for Flooring - FabTuff 2

FabTuff® 2 backing is a heavy-duty puncture resistant vinyl which is permanently bonded to leather or other flooring materials.

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