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Fabric Laminating @FabricBack® is POSH!!

Get creative this fall with the infinite decorating possibilities Fabric Laminating has to offer your clients! The variety of modern fabric finishes has diversified textile and has defined Laminated Fabric as a game changer in the designing industry. We at FabricBack® have developed FabShield®, a specialty fabric and Matte Laminating Finish, that consists of a plastic film overlay coating on the face of the fabric to provide ultimate protection against accidental spills which can be easily wiped clean. Excellent for upholstering furniture located at high traffic spaces…particularly for restaurants and for families with active little ones! We just finished a breakfast nook for one of our designers that was a family smash!

FabricBack® has seen the impact of Laminating Fabric FabShield®, our Matte Laminating Finish maintains the natural look of the fabric and it adds special properties to the textile to create a reinforced, durable finished product with multi-purpose use for home products, health facilities, restaurants and other commercial environments.

We have the capability to Flame Laminate (FlameGuard®) and apply Knit Backing to textile up to 120” in width. A uniqueness, that has given FabricBack®, the opportunity to apply different applications of Paper and Fabric Lamination to add further enhancement and value to the finished product. Whereas, FabricBack® is an industry leader in Paper and Fabric Laminated finishes in the textile laminate coating market. Go ahead! Be daringly POSH…Design with Laminated Fabric & Paper in mind to create #IMPACTINGDESIGNS #POSHPIECES!

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