FabBond® (substrate lamination) on Sunbrella Fabric for Outdoor Pool Tables

We received Sunbrella fabric that required FabBond®, which is layered bonding of two or more layers of materials, that is going to be used for an outdoor pool table. Sunbrella fabric has a very smooth surface, and it does not work alone for that reason. The ball rolls too fast on the Sunbrella fabric, and in order to slow down the ball as it rolls we must provide cushion to the fabric. Traditional felt (wool) provides friction and can slow down the ball as it rolls making it perfect for the outdoor pool table. We laminated the softer felt to provide cushion. Knit backing provides stability. The project was a special request and there is never a challenge that we don't love to accept. What cr

Backing of Loose Thread Fabric for Upholstery

This week we received a fabric that a designer wanted to use for upholstery. We love it when we receive projects that are challenging and lead us to experimenting with different methods in order to get it just right for the clients! The fabric as received had loose threads on the back and it needed to be backed in order to provide durability and strength. We tried various methods to make it suitable for upholstery. We originally attempted to knit back the fabric, but it was not successful because the backing would hold on to the loose threads and not the fabric itself. We moved on to method number two and attempted FabAcrylic®. The results from the acrylic backing were unacceptable as it cau

FabShield® and FabBack® on Custom 72 inch Round Tablecloth

We often receive projects from interior designers requesting FabShield® (lamination) and FabBack® (knit backing). The knit backing provides durability and strength while lamination protects the face of the fabric from accidental spills. This checkered fabric was sent to us from an interior designer who needed a custom round tablecloth that is 72 inches. A 72 inch tablecloth can be difficult to achieve but with the help of our workroom we were able to complete this project in our facilities, and we had a very happy client. Stains and accidental spills can easily be wiped off without ruining the tablecloth with FabShield®. We were happy to achieve this custom project for our client and can't w

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