FabBack® and FabShield® - Spill Proof Custom Tablecloth

One of our favorite things about the services that we offer is that we get to work with designers who want to have custom items for the projects that they are working on. As creative individuals or firms they are able to be as creative as they'd like and provide a unique design for the clients. We received this beautiful patterned fabric with two shades of blue that is going to be used as a custom tablecloth. The face of the fabric was laminated and the back was knit backed to provide durability. FabShield® (lamination) protects the fabric and it can easily be wiped off if anything spills on the custom tablecloth. FabBack® (knit backing) provides stability, resilience, and durability which i

FabShield® + FabBack® - Custom Tablecloths

FabShield® is popularly used for table covers and upholstered furniture fabric as it provides a clear overlay lamination that protects against accidental spills. The clear overlay lamination makes it easy to wipe the surface clean and it prevents damage to the fabric. We received this beautiful patterned fabric for a client who wanted several custom tablecloths for her new restaurant. We created 52 in square and 72 in round tablecloths by laminating the face of the fabric and knit backing the back. FabBack® is our knit backing that provides durability and strength to the fabric. You can also view the details of the overlock stitching on the edges. Whether you want custom tablecloths for your

FabWall® - Cover your walls with beautiful embroidered fabrics.

We received this beautiful embroidered fabric and a plain fabric that an interior designer wants to use as wall paper. We love it when designers think outside of the box and use beautiful fabrics that they come across to create a statement wall in a room by converting the fabric into wallpaper. It's surprising that there are still many designers who don't know that this is possible. FabWall® is non-woven backing for fabric that allows it to be used as wallpaper. FabWall® makes the fabric suitable for wall application because it provides stiffness and moisture protection. We provide step-by-step instructions with your order so that you can apply your custom wallpaper!

FabBond® (substrate bonding)- Custom Koozies

We received a fabric bonding project from a company who wanted to use the bonded fabric to create personalized koozies (insulated soft covering for hot/cold drinks) and use them as marketing material. This was possible by bonding polyester and foam. FabBond® is used to permanently bond two or more layers of materials to provide increased durability, puncture resistance, stiffness or other desired property. See the pictures below to see the polyester and foam we received, how we bonded it, and the finished product that was created with the bonded fabric. Custom koozie with FabBond®

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