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FabShield® + FabBack® - Custom Tablecloths

FabShield® is popularly used for table covers and upholstered furniture fabric as it provides a clear overlay lamination that protects against accidental spills. The clear overlay lamination makes it easy to wipe the surface clean and it prevents damage to the fabric. We received this beautiful patterned fabric for a client who wanted several custom tablecloths for her new restaurant. We created 52 in square and 72 in round tablecloths by laminating the face of the fabric and knit backing the back. FabBack® is our knit backing that provides durability and strength to the fabric. You can also view the details of the overlock stitching on the edges. Whether you want custom tablecloths for your new business, event, or home FabShield® will allow you to convert your favorite fabrics into tablecloths!

52 inch square tablecloth

72 inch round tablecloth

details of edge work over lock stitch


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