Bring the Outdoors Inside

The demand to bring the outdoors inside the home and hospitality spaces has increased. Interior designers are back to their drawing boards creating nature inspired transitional rooms such as porches, sunrooms, dining and launching areas that are used year-round. The FabricBack® team has been busy applying our specialized fabric backing and finishing treatments to our designers’ fabulous seasons in the sun creations. READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE Your Trusted Fabric Backing and Finishing Partner For 25 Years In those years we have built solid relationships with upholsterers, fabric jobbers, furniture manufacturer, and interior designers.

Chilling on the Green Upholstery: Puncture Resistant Backing & Permanent Stain-Moisture Protecti

Restaurants, bistros and bars are combining the outdoors as a compliment to their refreshing summer menu creations! When it comes to selecting environmentally friendly finishes for stain and moisture protection that preserve bar stools, chairs and couches, the hospitality industry is choosing GreenShield® and to extend the lifespan of their upholstered furniture, they are using Puncture-Resistant Backing, FabTuff®. Puncture-Tear Resistant Backing: FabTuff® backing adds puncture resistance to leather and fabrics for commercial upholstery or flooring. The tear and puncture resistant backing is bonded to leather or fabric creating a composite material that is strong enough to withstand the most

Porch & Sunroom Relaxing: Knit-Backing & Sun Protection

Porches and sunrooms have become popular and very fashionable safe havens for home owners to shy away from the direct sun during hot summer days. The upholstery fabrics used for furniture in these transitional spaces also need SunGard® protection from the UV rays and Knit-Backing to minimize the wear and tear from frequent use. Knit-Backing: Designers and upholster houses are aware of the importance that knit-backing (FabBack®) represents to preserving the integrity and design of the furniture. The function of the knit-backing is to provide support and avoid damage due to seam slippage regardless the thickness of the fabric. We recommend that you apply knit-backing to your fabrics to extend

Brocade Silk Lighting Lamps: Fire Retardant Treatment

Bring inside the intimacy of an evening outdoors under the light of beautiful Chinese lamps! We are working on a project that entails applying FlameGard® to 600 Chinese Brocade Silk Lamps measuring 18 1/4" x 15", 13.75 x 12" & 12" x 14/5". These silk lamps will be installed in a commercial structure; therefore they have to be treated with flame retardant to meet the fire Marshal 701 fire code for drapery and hanging decorative materials. FlameGard®: This process comes in two different applications, spray and dipping. Frequently spraying is applied to objects already manufactured, especially those of smaller size. At FabricBack we use the dipping application to treat fabric, rope and other ma

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