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Chill on the Green Upholstery: Puncture Resistant Backing & Permanent Stain-Moisture Protection

Restaurants, bistros and bars are combining the outdoors as a compliment to their refreshing summer menu creations! When it comes to selecting environmentally friendly finishes for stain and moisture protection that preserve bar stools, chairs and couches, the hospitality industry is choosing GreenShield® and to extend the lifespan of their upholstered furniture, they are using Puncture-Resistant Backing, FabTuff®.

Puncture-Tear Resistant Backing: FabTuff® backing adds puncture resistance to leather and fabrics for commercial upholstery or flooring. The tear and puncture resistant backing is bonded to leather or fabric creating a composite material that is strong enough to withstand the most demanding applications, upholstery and nightclub dance floors as well as other high traffic areas in commercial environments that require resistance to punctures from stiletto high heels or other penetrating objects. FabTuff® backing will save owners thousands of dollars in reupholstering!

Permanent Stain Protection: GreenShield®, is environmentally friendly, with properties that protect the fabric from moisture and makes it easy to dab off the toughest stains in the hospitality industry, from red wines to stubborn grease stains. The GreenShield® finish creates an invisible protection film on the surface of the material that prevents viruses such as the COVID-19 to adhere to GreenShield® treated surfaces.

We are happy to provide services that bring peace of mind to the hospitality industry and spread wellness to your patrons!

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