FabBack® - Knit Backing an Embroidered Fabric

This beautiful embroidered fabric arrived at our Fabric Back facilities this week, and we can't stop admiring the beautiful details and colors on it. We look forward to opening the fabrics that we receive because we never know what will be inside. We receive daily inspiration in the packages that we receive, and sometimes we are lucky enough to receive pictures of the end result. This fabric required knit backing, and we are happy to have several years of experience working with embroidered and other textured fabrics. The fabric was knit backed successfully and the customer was happy with the end result. This fabric is now ready to be used for upholstery because FabBack® provides strength an

FabBond® - Substrate Bonding Linen and Felt

This week, we received a linen fabric that needed to be bonded to felt. FabBond® is a popular service that we offer because it allows designers to bond two or more substrates to create a wide variety of things including custom koozies, outdoor pool tables, costume fabric, hyde, leather, vinyls and more. FabBond® creates a permanent bond between the linen fabric and felt, which results in a better quality product. Bonding the linen fabric to the felt provides enhanced durability, puncture resistance, and stiffness. This permanent bond will be used to create office cubicles. This is a great resource for commercial designers and firms, who work on designs for company headquarters and offices. G

FabBack® - Knit Backing on Beautiful Spring Fabric

It is March first and we have been spoiled with a few days that feel like spring in Georgia. We received this geometric fabric that is making us dream of mod designs for the spring season. The interior designer requested FabBack®, which is our most requested service. Knit backing provides durability and strength to make fabrics suitable for upholstery. This fabric is going to be used on a chair, which will be a statement piece in the design. FabBack® allows interior designers and manufacturers to convert their favorite fabrics into upholstery that compliment their creative designs. Order your first sample today! More from our Newsletter FabBond® - Substrate Bonding Linen and Felt Click here

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