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FabBack® - Knit Backing an Embroidered Fabric

This beautiful embroidered fabric arrived at our Fabric Back facilities this week, and we can't stop admiring the beautiful details and colors on it. We look forward to opening the fabrics that we receive because we never know what will be inside. We receive daily inspiration in the packages that we receive, and sometimes we are lucky enough to receive pictures of the end result. This fabric required knit backing, and we are happy to have several years of experience working with embroidered and other textured fabrics. The fabric was knit backed successfully and the customer was happy with the end result. This fabric is now ready to be used for upholstery because FabBack® provides strength and stability. Be sure to order your first sample today and experience Fabric Back's exceptional customer service, quality, and delivery.

After FabBack® we do press and wrinkle removal.

Fabric embroidery details

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