Extend Your Fabric Wallpaper Life!

Wallpaper Backing & Stain Protection!! Wallpaper is taking the center stage in the interior decoration scene with Metallic, Bold Patterns, Dashing Colors and textures both on paper and fabrics. Applying the appropriate backing FabWall®, for your fabric would allow easy and adequate installation that will transform walls into edgy, exciting and classy conversation pieces. With that said, permanently protecting your fabric wallpaper creations from moisture and stain GreenShield®, will preserve texture and extend the longevity of your design. Fabric wallpaper can be a wonderful tool and game changer for interior designers. However, it can easily become a nightmare for installers if the fabric i

3 Tips to Keep Upholstery Stain & Odor Free

Our professional life, kids’ school work and all leisure activities have been relocated 100% into the living room, dining area and bedrooms! Everyone is maximizing time on the couch, chairs and other pieces of furniture which means... what once looked sparkly clean it now bares creative designs of food stains, colorful spills and some unpleasant odors from our pets. Help is on the way! FabricBack® to the rescue with 3 very useful upholstery maintenance tips on 'how to get freshness back into the life of your furniture and away from becoming the landing strip of all sorts of horrifying staining liquids and solids: Perfect Solution Next Time Around: Make sure all upholstery fabric for everyday

FabShield® - Clear Overlay Lamination on Beautiful Floral Fabric

We received this beautiful floral fabric this week that requires FabShield®, which is clear overlay lamination that adds protection to your fabric. Whether you want to create custom tablecloths, upholstered furniture, or shower curtains, FabShield® allows you to create custom designs while protecting them from accidental spills. As a designer you can offer better quality options that your clients can enjoy for a long time. E-mail us today if you would like to receive a complimentary lamination sample at lucy@fabricback.com. FabShield® - Clear Overlay Lamination FabShield® - Close up of clear overlay lamination More from our Newsletter FabWall® - Non Woven Backing on Faux Leather Click here t

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