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3 Tips to Keep Upholstery Stain & Odor Free

Our professional life, kids’ school work and all leisure activities have been relocated 100% into the living room, dining area and bedrooms! Everyone is maximizing time on the couch, chairs and other pieces of furniture which means... what once looked sparkly clean it now bares creative designs of food stains, colorful spills and some unpleasant odors from our pets.

Help is on the way! FabricBack® to the rescue with 3 very useful upholstery maintenance tips on 'how to get freshness back into the life of your furniture and away from becoming the landing strip of all sorts of horrifying staining liquids and solids:

  1. Perfect Solution Next Time Around: Make sure all upholstery fabric for everyday use is treated with GreenShield®, our High Performance Non-Toxic, Permanent Stain & Moisture protection that upholds the texture and color of your fabric intact and it allows you to clean off clean all messes in a single dab! GreenShield® is available at FabricBack®.

  2. The Right Here & Now Cleaning Solution: If you are too late to apply GreenShield®, Kids N Pets is a fabulous line of products, gentle to fabrics and non-toxic to our kids and our pets. This line is designed to clean completely the messiest kids’ stains, parents’ casual wine spills and pet accidents from upholstery and carpets in 5 minutes. Products available at Home Depot, Walmart, Chewy &

  3. Short Term Solution, Temporary Non-Professional Stain Protection: After Cleaning your upholstered furniture you may consider applying a coat of No No No! Carpet & Upholstery Protectant, made by Kids ‘N’ Pets that will guard the fabric against future stains and will discourage your pets from chewing or using your couch as their training pad! And of course, a classic, the newly and highly improved performance furniture covers that will safeguard seating spaces from happy messy moments shared by our fury friends and little kid angels. Plenty of sales going on now, surf the net! And if you prefer a long term maintenance program done by a third party then check out Raymour & Flaningan Furniture, they have a 5 year protection plan that allows ‘life to happen.’

Important to Remember, ! GreenShield® is your Perfect Permanent Stain Protection Treatment that will keep your furniture and you in a happy place. The FabricBack Team is always here to assist you! Click below to Watch the magic of GreenShield®

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