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Extend Your Fabric Wallpaper Life!

Wallpaper Backing & Stain Protection!!

Wallpaper is taking the center stage in the interior decoration scene with Metallic, Bold Patterns, Dashing Colors and textures both on paper and fabrics. Applying the appropriate backing FabWall®, for your fabric would allow easy and adequate installation that will transform walls into edgy, exciting and classy conversation pieces. With that said, permanently protecting your fabric wallpaper creations from moisture and stain GreenShield®, will preserve texture and extend the longevity of your design.

Fabric wallpaper can be a wonderful tool and game changer for interior designers. However, it can easily become a nightmare for installers if the fabric is not properly backed and treated, as it will react to humidity and heat which causes sagging and bubbling.

A designing ripple that will impact the finished product and your pocket. You do not want your client to look elsewhere for their next decorating project. At FabricBack we got your back! Our engineers have developed GreenShield®, a permanent stain & soil protection that creates a surface on the fabric which allows water, coffee, wine and other tough staining liquids to roll right off without leaving a trace. Our FabWall®, is a high quality non-woven backing used for fabric wall pasting which prevents the glue from sipping through and it also incorporates a moisture barrier to ensure the durability of your wallpaper. FabWall® & GreenShield® treatments are widely used by over 300 of our clients with outstanding results.

The Lee W. Robinson design firm is one of the many satisfied clients that have experienced the value that FabWall® & GreenShield® can add to their product. Now, you can too!

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