Minimize the effects of the Sun this Summer with SunGard® Fabric Ultraviolet Protection

SunGard® Fabric Ultraviolet Protection When the sun is beaming down, look to Ultraviolet Protection services to keep you covered! When exposed to ultra-violet radiation in sunlight, most fabrics will fade over time. To minimize the effects of the sun, we recommend SunGard® Ultraviolet Protection. This treatment combined with our stain treatment will keep your fabric looking fresh for a long time. Here, at FabricBack, our UV protection technologies make it easier to keep your upholsteries, draperies, and fine fabrics looking fresh, protecting them from ultra-violet radiation in sunlight. Our processes do not impact the weight, look, feel, or color of the fabric. AATCC Test Method 183 A common

Upholstery & Wall Colors Create a Happy Place

The colors you choose for your upholstery and walls at home can change your mood. The catch is how to pick the right Color Palette. It is easy to get caught up with trends and forget what really makes us happy! FabricBack® has a few suggestions on how to combine colors that reflect your personality and still be part of the interior designing trend, whether you do it yourself or use an interior decorator. Step: 1 Tips to Find Your Happy Place Color Palette Get to know the meaning of colors Choose your Personal Color Palette Select a Main Color & Accent Color(s) Step: 2 Before You Start Re-Decorating Choose the space(s) you feel need a cosmetic lift & decide where it is that you spend most of

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