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Minimize the effects of the Sun this Summer with SunGard® Fabric Ultraviolet Protection

SunGard® Fabric Ultraviolet Protection

When the sun is beaming down, look to Ultraviolet Protection services to keep you covered! When exposed to ultra-violet radiation in sunlight, most fabrics will fade over time. To minimize the effects of the sun, we recommend SunGard® Ultraviolet Protection. This treatment combined with our stain treatment will keep your fabric looking fresh for a long time.

Here, at FabricBack, our UV protection technologies make it easier to keep your upholsteries, draperies, and fine fabrics looking fresh, protecting them from ultra-violet radiation in sunlight. Our processes do not impact the weight, look, feel, or color of the fabric.

AATCC Test Method 183

A commonly used method for measuring the effectiveness of a UV treatment is the AATC 183 method which uses the Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF). A UPF factor of 25 to 50+ will block 96.0 - 99% of UV radiation and is considered very good to excellent.

In most cases, SunGard® will be able to increase a fabric's UPF factor to between 25 and 50 in order to block 96.0 - 99% of UV radiation. This will prolong the typical lifespan of the fabric by over 300%.

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Free Samples

Get a sample of ultra-violet protection on your own fabric. Send us a sample of your fabric and our technicians will gladly run a test sample for you (for a small fee).

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