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Upholstery & Wall Colors Create a Happy Place

The colors you choose for your upholstery and walls at home can change your mood. The catch is how to pick the right Color Palette. It is easy to get caught up with trends and forget what really makes us happy! FabricBack® has a few suggestions on how to combine colors that reflect your personality and still be part of the interior designing trend, whether you do it yourself or use an interior decorator.

Step: 1

Tips to Find Your Happy Place

Color Palette

Step: 2

Before You Start Re-Decorating

  • Choose the space(s) you feel need a cosmetic lift & decide where it is that you spend most of your family and/or alone time.

  • The 10 Best Free Apps for Interior Decorating

  • Pick One App to help you visualize, create and design your Happy Place!

  • Use your virtual room to rearrange furniture & to apply your personalized Color Palette to the upholstery, wallpaper, drapery, paint & accent pieces you would like to change.

Final Step:

Shop for Fabric... Apply Fabric Backing & Finishing®

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