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FlameGard® - Fire Retardant on Rope for Upscale Restaurant

This week's special project is unique because we received rope that requires FlameGard®. The rope was sent to us by an interior designer who is working on a design for a new upscale restaurant. The rope is going to be used in the restaurant, and it must meet special fire codes to receive approval from the fire marshal. A fire retardant is a substance applied to the fabric that reduces flammability and delays its combustion. Once the fire codes are met we provide a certificate of treatment on all fabrics that are finished with FlameGard® and a certificate of flame retardancy. When creating your designs there may be challenges that you face that you weren't aware of. Let us be the one you can count on for last minute fire retardant so that you can meet the fire codes required and complete your design on time!

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