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Fire Retardant Treatment (FR) for Rope Decor

More and more, interior designers are using decorative rope to create staggering designs in their residential and commercial decor.

Ropes that are going to be utilized in decorative installations are required by law to be treated with a finish commonly known as FR (Fire Retardant Finish). Depending on how the rope is going to be adhered to a surface or hung from a structure will determine which (FR) code the Fire Marshall will require. The most widely used FR codes are NFPA 701 for ropes/draperies, NFPA 260 for upholstery, and ASTM 84 for wallpaper.

FlameGard® is a water-based non-toxic, non-staining finish we utilize at FabricBack, we apply it to ropes that are going to be part of a commercial interior design. The FlameGard® treatment is absorbed by the fibers and cured which prevents the rope from instant flame ignition, a measure that provides excellent fire protection and the wellbeing of patrons. After the treatment is completed and the fabric shipped out, we provide our clients with a Certificate of Application specifying the Fire Marshall Code that the rope or fabric is treated for.

FabricBack has the ability and expertise to treat all types of ropes and quantities with our FlameGard® finish. The most common types are manila, jute, hemp, sisal, and polyester they may be heavy, compact, or light and loosely braided. The diameter (width) of the rope for many projects in the hospitality industry ranges from 3/8" to 3" in diameter and approximately 90 pounds per spool like the installations we worked on at the Fogo de Chao nationwide restaurants. And FR fabric projects that need to meet the most demanding fire codes, our FlameBlock® will add a barrier film in conjunction with the FlameGard® finish that delivers the utmost flame protection.

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