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Tie Up 2020 With Commercial Rope Decor

More and more, interior designers are using decorative rope and other textiles to create staggering designs in their residential and commercial decor. All architectural ropes and fabric decorative applications such as, window treatments, fabric-wallpaper, furniture upholstery and other accent pieces used in a commercial setting must be flame retardant.

FabricBack's FlameGard® fire retardant treatment provides excellent fire and smoke protection throughout the interior of homes and businesses. The non-toxic, non-staining properties of our fire retardant finish makes it a natural for protecting a wide variety of interior furnishings.

FlameGard® is a water-based non-toxic treatment applied to fabric to make it fire resistant to meet certain fire codes. Our second treatment, FlameBlock® adds a barrier film in conjunction with our FlameGard® to meet even the most demanding fire codes. We provide a certificate of treatment for every project we complete. FabricBack is an industry leader for the quality of products & services we provide and for our quick turn-around order time, meeting the tight deadlines our interior designers are often presented with.

FabricBack recently completed two big projects requiring decorative ropes to be treated with our FlameGard® fire retardant. In order to use the natural manila ropes and other synthetic ropes in a commercial setting, they needed to meet the requirements of fire code NFPA 701. The first project was for a large high-end hotel chain, and the second project was for an upscale restaurant chain.

The sizes of these jute and polyester ropes ranged from 3/8 to 3 inches in diameter and an approximate weight of 90 pounds per spool. Treating the rope was the easy part since we our experts have been applying fire treatments for years to a wide variety of materials. The challenge was to dry the ropes quickly after the treatment to prevent the growth of mold or mildew, especially on natural fiber ropes like hemp, jute and sisal.

Our processing regular processing time for this treatment is 7-10 days. However, our client needed RUSH service! The timeline for this project completion was 3 days and our team met the deadline with flying colors. Hurry and place your order now for 2020 & use our promo code 122519 for a big discount!

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