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The Wild Beauty of Horsehair Fabric Backing

The beauty and quality of Horsehair Fabrics captivated the textile industry since its beginnings in the middle of the eighteenth century. These natural hair fabrics are woven with wefts of tail hair from live horses and cotton or silk warps. We at Fabric Backing & Finishing, enhance the special characteristics of horsehair fabrics with our knit backing. Throughout the years, we have worked with interior designers and decorators to elevate the designing value of horsehair fabric.

Our backing experts have applied knit backing and some of our stain & soil protection finishes such as, FabGard® and GreenShield® (environmentally friendly) that are ideal for Horsehair Fabric used in upholstery restoration of antique sofas, chairs and other new furniture creations. Many of our clients have taken advantage of the fabrics fantastic durability characteristics to create dazzling wall coverings that we have treated with our FabWall®, non-woven fabric backing finish to ensure installation and product success.

Horsehair Fabrics also standout for been timeless in its elegance and care properties, however the downside of this natural hair fabric is its width restrictions. The average Horsehair Fabric cut does not exceed 28”, which can limit the designing process. At Fabric Backing & Finishing we have removed width constraints to give way to free spirited creation. With detailed artisan craftsmanship, our textile engineers at FabricBack®, manually assemble a specialized knit backing that unites three separate Horsehair Fabric cuts into a single 60” width fabric, preserving perfect pattern continuity and texture integrity.

In your next interior decorating project, be daring and include Horsehair Fabric! Call us so we can help you elevate your Horsehair Fabric to a timeless 21st century design piece that will be enjoyed for generations to come!

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