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How To Reinforce and Strengthen Your Fabric For Upholstery

Fabric Backing and Finishing Using COM (Customer’s Own Materials)

Most fabrics need to be reinforced or strengthened in order to be durable enough for use in upholstery. A knit backing or paper backing finish can be applied to any fabric, giving it the added strength and resiliency it needs to withstand the normal use and abuse that furniture receives.

Photo showing a roll of finished knit-backed fabric, now ready to use for upholstery.

Fabric Backing for Upholstery

  • Interior designers are often tasked with matching a client’s favorite print, curtains, drapes, or wall coverings, but the fabric may not be usable without reinforcement

  • Do it Yourselfers are now able to reupholster a favorite piece of furniture and give it a new look with any fabric they like. They are not limited to only the “upholstery fabric” section of the fabric store!

COM Orders (Customer’s Own Material)

Custom orders for our knit backing or paper backing finishes can be placed using our online order system. Using your own material for your project is easy! You can send us your COM order and your fabric and we will apply our backing material to it and send it back to you. You can even add other special treatments, if you like, including our environmentally friendly GreenShield stain protection finish, our fire retardant finish, UV protection, or even moisture protection.

How Do I Make my Fabric Ready for Upholstery?

Being able to use your own fabric opens the doors to your creativity. Upholstery fabric is generally more costly and your choices are fairly limited. Go bold, go big, go colorful, and go with your own fabric and make that statement! Our COM (Customer’s Own Materials) orders are the key part of the whole process. Without the right fabric, your project may not end up to be everything you had hoped for. Our engineers have perfected the process, and can use literally any fabric you can find!

The process is a lot more affordable than you may think. You can get started right now by filling out our Online Order Form.

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