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Laminating Silicone Rubber and Poly Plastic for Airtight Enclosures

FabricBack Creates Zippered Silicone Rubber Bag

A client recently asked, “Can you make zippered bags out of our rubber material that will be airtight and watertight? We want a finished product that will be as airtight as possible. There can be no stitching.” We enjoy getting special requests and putting our engineers to work on something a little out of the ordinary.

Well, of course, the answer was “Yes, we can!” (that’s always the answer).

Photo of Plastic and Rubber Lamination for Reusable Bag Application

The task seemed simple enough, but this project combined several of our proprietary lamination techniques. We used the silicone rubber material they provided to us, and fused it together with a layer of polyethylene plastic film. This gave us a lamination that combined the best qualities of both materials. The silicone rubber was very durable and the poly plastic was airtight and watertight.

The resulting silicone rubber lamination was then folded into a bag shape and the edges were bonded to create an enclosure with no seams and no stitching. The stitches would have created tiny holes for air to pass through.

To finish the bags, we applied a rubber flange to the back of the client-provided zippers, and then fused the finished zippers into the assembly with another proprietary method developed by our engineers. The finished product was a very durable, zippered enclosure that is impermeable to air and moisture. The practical uses for an airtight, watertight, and flexible resealable container like this are endless!

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