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Photos from the Fabric Backing and Finishing Facility in Atlanta, Georgia

Here are some recent photos from our fabric processing and finishing center in Atlanta. Our facility is located in Alpharetta, a northern suburb of Atlanta, but we receive rolls of fabrics every day from locations throughout the United States. We also have a number of clients in the United Kingdom (UK) and other parts of the world. We have a solid reputation for excellent customer service and superior fabric services.

Our customers can choose from a long list of fabric finishes and fabric backings such as knit backing, acrylic backing, paper backing, blackout backing, bonding and lamination, moisture barriers, environmentally friendly stain protection, ultraviolet (UV) protection, and fire protection. Our fabric backing specialists stay very busy, and we are proud to share some photos of the fine work they do.

The FabricBack team can apply our fabric backing and fabric protection finishes to even the most challenging fabrics. The finest silks, exotic animal skins, naugahyde, crushed velvets, embroidered fabrics and even delicate antique fabrics can all be sent to us for processing.

We have a long history of serving our customers with the care and attention they have come to expect from us.

Do you have a project that requires fabric that is extra wide? Upholsterers often work with large widths of fabric that need to be reinforced for extra strength and durability. We can work with fabrics up to 120 inches wide! Other fabric finishing companies can't work with fabrics wider than 60 inches. Do you need our soft knit backing applied to your sheer fabric for extra wide window treatments? Our team is more than happy to give interior designers a solution for these types of applications.

We prefer working with rolls of fabric before it is incorporated into some finished product, but we routinely provide custom solutions for the unique needs of our customers. Here are some finished window blinds that were sent to us to be treated with our stain protection finish. All of the hardware was covered and protected so that the stain protection treatment would only be applied to the fabric, and not affect the window treatment hardware. We take the extra time to make sure that our customers receive exactly what they want.

We can also apply our finishes to decorative rope. Here is a photo of some very large rope that we received. Our customer required many spools of this giant rope to be protected from fire. We have developed proprietary processes to work with just about anything you can send us. This is just another example of the variety of projects we work on every day at our facility in North Georgia.

Do you have a project that we can help you with? We would love to hear from you. Give us a call or email, or contact us via the website today!

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