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Knit Backing Applied to Delicate Chapas Woven Fabric for Fabulous Custom Upholstered Chairs

SUMMARY: Delicate woven fabrics are simply stunning when used in the fabrication of custom upholstered furniture. There are many challenges when working with materials like this custom woven chapas fabric. We have built a solid track record of success over the years by working with the most difficult fabrics for the most demanding clients.

Custom Upholstered Chair with Knit Backed Woven Chapas Fabric

The material used in this project was a custom woven chapas fabric. Our soft knit backing was applied to the back side of the fabric by our careful and talented team.

Woven fabrics present special challenges for the fabric backing process. The fabrics usually have uneven or bowing selvage which needs to be remedied, and the uneven surface of the fabric makes it difficult to get a good, solid bond between the fabric and the backing material. The variations in thread sizing and the hills and valleys created by the weave are easy to see in the photo below. We have developed methods of applying our backing that account for these issues, and we are able to reliably achieve a strong bond between our backing and the fabric with no puckering or separation.

Custom Chapas Woven Fabric

This project went just like all the others. We take great pride in everything we do here. We carefully opened the package from our client, then we inspected the fabric, processed the fabric, and performed the usual quality control inspection. After all that, we carefully packaged everything back up and shipped it back to our client in New York City.

Some time went by and we were curious to hear about the project. So, when we had the opportunity to ask the client, we did. We also asked for a photo, if possible.

The response was, "The chairs are stunning, thank you!..... The client now wants matching ottomans." We got our photo, too, along with permission to share this story with you.

We offer several types of backing for fabrics of all types, as well as a variety of other fabric finishing services. For all your upholstery and knit backing projects, please contact us today!

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