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Brocade Silk Lighting Lamps: Fire Retardant Treatment

Bring inside the intimacy of an evening outdoors under the light of beautiful Chinese lamps! We are working on a project that entails applying FlameGard® to 600 Chinese Brocade Silk Lamps measuring 18 1/4" x 15", 13.75 x 12" & 12" x 14/5". These silk lamps will be installed in a commercial structure; therefore they have to be treated with flame retardant to meet the fire Marshal 701 fire code for drapery and hanging decorative materials.

FlameGard®: This process comes in two different applications, spray and dipping. Frequently spraying is applied to objects already manufactured, especially those of smaller size. At FabricBack we use the dipping application to treat fabric, rope and other materials. It is important to note that both applications are equally effective. In this instance, the shape of the lamp prevented the fabric from being fully extended, a determining factor for our engineer to choose the dipping process. The dipping application ensured complete fabric absorbency of chemicals without leaving any blind spots untreated.

We provide our clients a Certificate of Flame Resistance Application specifying the fire code(s) the fabric was treated for. The FabricBack team of engineers is here to assist you to meet your fire code requirements so that your project is on time!

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