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Apply Wellness to Creative Designs

Spring is all about new fresh inspiration to brighten and create a happy place for your client’s next home design renovation. We would like to share with you three different designing resources from other experienced interior designers about how they are making their designs more intentional, and how they are managing small spaces keeping costs down without sacrificing quality or innovation.



Apply Wellness to Creativity

Anita Yokota, designer, family therapist, and blogger is honoring spring interior design by incorporating the Wellness Behind the Sunlight and highlighting the benefits of soaking for 15 minutes in the early morning sun which are many. To mention a few, the UV rays from sunlight help the body generate vitamin D, a source to strengthen the immune system. It also creates serotonin, a mood stabilizer, great for digestion and focus. And, it can give us a better night's sleep.

Tips: Redirect UV-Rays into a Low Sunlight Room

· Place a mirror across from the obstructed window to amplify the sunlight.

· Choose light colors for Wall Paint, Drapery, and Upholstery as they are less likely to be impacted by sunlight discoloration.

· Treat the fabrics used for upholstery, drapery, and wallcovering with SunGard-ZERO®, a 100% organic UV inhibitor to protect the fabric from discoloring and ensure the preservation of the fibers created exclusively for FabricBack.

· Place the client’s favorite indoor plants in the room, as reflected sunlight, doubles the impact of natural light when paired with plants. Home plants help clean the air and the mood.

· Position furniture not to block the flow of light.

These tips for wellness will make the design more personal and natural especially if you explain the benefits to the client! “The best rooms say something about the people who live in them” David Hicks


Fabric Wallpaper

Costly Trends & Limited Budgets

Fabric wallcovering came back strong a few years ago and it is still trending in spite of its high cost, this option is outside of their financial wheelhouse but it does not have to be… Step out of the traditional wallcovering comfort zone and try a different application at a smaller scale in your design that is less pricy and yet still makes a statement. Here is an alternative application that pops and showcases the wallcovering differently…Mona Ross Berman Interiors utilized a fabric from Schumacher and applied it as a lining for a child’s built-in bookshelf making the room fun and engaging!

Convert Fabric into Wallcovering / Shelf Lining

Fabrics that are going to be used as wallcovering have to be backed with FabWall®, a non-woven backing that provides stability to the fibers and prevents the adhesive from penetrating through the fabric when it is installed on the wall or used as lining in shelves like the backing in the built-in shelf on the photograph. FabricBack specializes in bonding non-woven backing to wallcoverings including silk and velvet.

We recommend that whether the fabric is used as wallpaper or lining in a bookshelf, china cabinet, or built-in that the fabric is treated with a moisture and stain finish that serves as a protective barrier to any liquid spills, moisture, or any adhesive that accidentally gets on the face of the fabric during installation.

Allow designs to be intentional to the client's personality. “Every pattern should have some sort of meaning” William Morris


Pre-Fabricated Master Closets

Make the Most of Smaller Spaces

A master bedroom without a walk-in closet and no space to build one can be a problem. Designer couple John & Sherry, married with kids share their experiences in making the most of small spaces in their fun podcast and blog Young House Love, they get pretty inventive and practical with design solutions that redefine lifestyle and comfort for the whole family.

One of my favorites is their “fanciest” closet makeover…They use the Ikea Pax closet system to add the space of a walking closet to the bedroom. The room did not have the square footage to build one or the budget for a full-blast remodeling. The pre-fabricated closet units provided the organized spacing of a well designed walk-in closet and it looks fabulous, like a million dollars without paying the price tag!

“There are 3 responses for a design yes, no & WOW! Wow is the one to aim for” Milton Glaser


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