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How to Pick 2021 Affordable Design Trends, Upholstery & Colors

2021 Arrived with versatile & affordable Interior Designing Upholstery Trends! We, at FabricBack®, have put together some helpful tips to make it easier for you to get on board with the latest upholstery design-forward tendencies using some of your last year's styles with a splash of the new. Gray is the comeback kid that is smashing it alongside Yellow, Orange, and Green, dynamic fabric tones found in rich and natural textures that complement today’s ecliptic interior designing and furniture style.

Think of the Ecliptic Style as your designing license to express and display your different personality traits throughout your home. If you are patient and willing to explore other shopping options that are not mainstream, acquiring vintage furniture, antiques and other quality pieces would be fun and very friendly to your pocket!

3 Tips to Define 2021 Trend Colors & Design Style

1. Gray is the comeback color that can serve as your base color to incorporate the other trendy colors without overspending.

2. Trending Color Combinations with Gray for upholstery: Yellow & Gray, Orange & Gray, Gray & Blue, and Gray.

3. Vintage/Retro promotes a calm and lived-in feel you can use any of the color combinations above or single color.

Remember, the beauty of these colors is that although they are bright and bold they can be toned down when you incorporate predominant neutral tones such as gray, white, beige, and other earth tones and materials.

4 Most Popular Applications & Materials for 2021 Interior Designing

1. Materials for furniture: Because eclectic is one of this year’s most sought looks, layering a variety of wood finishes, and using painted designs on furniture within a space will create depth and texture.

2. Materials for Fabrics: You can keep jute and leather as part of this year’s trend and depending on the style of your upholstery pieces natural wools are ideal to mix in with some vintage furniture that is velvety luscious or modern pieces using linen & cotton upholstery fabrics (puncture-resistant backing available).

3. Ceilings & Walls: When sitting at the drawing board, add solid wall paint colors for some of the walls, and for the rest utilize fabric wall-coverings (We offer non-woven backing) that have patterns in the suggested color combinations above. If you would like to make a bold statement, take the same fabric wall-covering that you used on the walls all the way to the ceiling and let the design tell the story.

4. Window Treatments: Plaids & Drapery (FabricBack® offers black-out backing & UV Protection) a very popular duo this year especially the yellow-gray colors, very often used in interior decoration because they are classic and easy to combine with any style…perfect for this year’s ecliptic style!


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