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3 Tips to Pick Affordable Design Trends, Upholstery & Colors

3 Tips to restyle your home with affordable upholstery fabrics, wallpaper, draperies, and how to combine colors to roll it all into your new Ecliptic Style Home Project.

We, at FabricBack®, have put together some helpful tips to make it easier for you to get on board with the latest upholstery design-forward tendencies using what you already have with a splash of the new.

Start by changing colors and expressing your different personality traits throughout the home will take you down the path to your very own affordable Ecliptic Style Home Restyling.

Get out of old shopping patterns and explore new shopping options that are not mainstream like buying at thrift shops, or Sunday morning garage sales, and dig into online used furniture purchasing where you can find quality pieces very

3 Tips to Define Colors & Design Style

1. Gray is the contemporary base forever color that you can not live without because it will make it easy for you (especially if you are not a designer) to complement, contrast, and tone down loud colors.

2. Try some of these trendy color combinations for upholstery: Yellow + Gray, Orange + Gray, Blue + Gray, and did I mention, Gray+ Your Favorite Color is also a great combo.

3. Style Vintage/Retro: This is a space in time that marks your today and now. Easily accomplished...leave the furniture you already have as your main pieces and add a few ones that are retro style without sacrificing personal comfort or functionality.

Remember, the beauty of your Ecliptic Style Home Restyling is to go outside of the box a little. Pick colors and textures that although they are bright and bold can be toned down when you incorporate predominant neutral tones such as gray, white, beige, and other earth tones and materials. And to do mindful buying, little money can equal big bargains and style, just have to take your time.

4 Most Popular Applications & Materials for Interiors

1. Materials for furniture: Wood, wood, and more wood...Layering a variety of wood finishes (you can do yourself) will create appealing patterns, texture, and depth. Restoring antique furniture to its original glory or adding some touches of contemporary paint color will transform it into a new piece with eclectic coherence.

2. Types of Fabrics: Utilizing Jute, wool, and leather for upholstery is a style that says nature meets the wild. Natural wools are ideal to mix in with leather, subdued animal prints, and that one velvety luscious vintage piece that spoke to you at your favorite thrift shop.

3. What to do with Ceilings and Walls: When sitting on the drawing board (iPad or sketching pad), imagine solid wall paint colors for some of the walls, and for others buy a patterned fabric on Sale and turn it into a wall covering. Keep in mind that fabrics that are going to be used as wallpaper have to be bonded to a non-woven backing click on the blue for information on non-woven backing See some of the images to your right to get an idea of fabrics that can be turned into wallpaper. If you want to make a bold statement, take the wallpaper all the way up to wrap up the ceiling, the design tells the story upfront.

4. Window Treatments: This plaid drapery gives the room a fresh retro look and the yellow-gray color combination adds calmness and at the same time a little contemporary. Now for the more adventurous, I have done a collage of images below that includes a Barbie Pink popping color cabinet that adds retro and whimsical to any space. The fun of an Ecliptic Style is that you make up the rules, it is fun and it can be budget-friendly. It all really depends on your choices!


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