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What's NEW @FABRICBACK: Stiletto – Puncture Resistant Performance Backing

FabricBack® is offering the NEW FabTuff® 1 & 2, a performance vinyl backing that is Puncture & Tear Resistant with Fire Retardant (FR) and Durable Water Resistant (DWR) treatments already incorporated. The FabTuff® or Stiletto Backing as it is commonly referred to is permanently bonded to fabric or leather creating a composite material that is strong enough to withstand the most demanding seating applications or flooring. This Performance Backing increases lifespan which provides significant savings, as replacement costs and the associated labor hours can add up quickly. FabricBack® NEW FabTuff® 1 & 2 is the perfect fit for the hospitality, entertainment, and commercial industry.

FabricBack® NEW FabTuff ® 1 is a Puncture Tear Resistant Performance Backing that has already been treated with Fire Resistant (FR) and Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finishing; two crucial applications essential for commercial and hospitality upholstery. The FabTuff® 1 Performance Backing is applied to the fabric, leather, and other materials for long-lasting protection to upholstered furniture in high-use commercial spaces. This stronghold Performance Backing adds value and resilience to the finished product.

Our hospitality designers commonly use the NEW FabricBack® FabTuff® 1 Performance Backing for furniture such as chairs, stools, benches, couches, and other prime upholstered seating in locations in restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels. A value-adding, winning choice to withstand strenuous daily use and increase durability!

FabTuff@ 2 Stiletto Puncture Resistant Performance Backing with

Fire Retardant (FR) & Durable Water Resistant (DWR) Finish

FabricBack® NEW FabTuff® 2 is a Heavy Duty Puncture-Tear Resistant Backing commonly referred to as Stiletto Backing for its resistance to penetrating objects. Typically, we apply the Stiletto Performance Backing to special home environments, fitness centers, matting for constant sport studios, nightclub dance floors, and other high traffic areas in commercial spaces that require protection from punctures caused by stiletto high heels or other cutting devices.

The NEW FabricBack FabTuff 2, Stiletto Performance Backing has the advantage that it is Fire Resistant (FR) and Durable Water Resistant (DWR) which allows designers to deliver a superior product that saves money to the client and extends the lifespan of the finished creation.


Your Trusted Fabric Backing and

Finishing Partner For 25 Years

In those years we have built solid relationships with upholsterers, fabric jobbers, furniture manufacturers, and interior designers.


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