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Embroidered Fabric for Custom Upholstered Loveseat

SUMMARY: Interior designer Bradley Burch, from Urban Mercantile in San Francisco, was ecstatic when he received his embroidered fabric after having it backed with our FabBack2® knit backing for upholstery.

Embroidered Fabric on Loveseat

Designer Bradley Burch was facing a design dilemma. He was designing a custom loveseat for a client. The client had embroidered fabric which was badly puckered, skewed, and had uneven selvage, making it unfit for the custom loveseat he wanted. But he loved the fabric so much that a solution had to be found. So, Bradley sent the fabric to us to see if we could save the day.

Our technical team got to work as soon as the fabric arrived. They framed the fabric, then steamed and airbrushed it to relax the fibers and then applied our special FabBack2® knit backing to stabilize the fabric and make it suitable for the workroom to cut and sew.

Embroidered Loveseat Detail

The puckering was remedied and the skewing was minimized. The finished fabric was packaged up with care and promptly delivered back to the designer's workroom. We hoped that Bradley and his team would be happy with the results, and we couldn't wait to hear back from him, and to see photos of the finished loveseat.

Bradley has given us permission to share his comments on our website:

"I don't know how you did it, but the fabric looks terrific! I'm so impressed! The quality of work and your customer service are stellar! Thank you SO much!"

"My upholsterer here was also very impressed with your work..."

"Here are a couple pics of the completed loveseat with that troublesome fabric you fixed. My client loves it and I'm thrilled! Thank you again for your efforts!"

We offer several types of backing for fabrics of all types, as well as a variety of other fabric finishing services. For all your upholstery and knit backing projects, please contact us today!

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