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Antique Vintage Burlap and Canvas Sacks Receive Soft Knit Backing and Protective Clear Film Overlay

Vintage seed and food sacks have become a very popular material for artisans and crafters. We've seen handbags, backpacks, table runners, candle holders, pillows, and all sorts of fun projects give new life and purpose to these relics from the past.

If you are looking to add a rustic touch to your home or you simply like the look of burlap, there are so many things that you can make! We received these beautiful vintage burlap and canvas bags from a customer and we just had to share some photos with all of you.

Burlap (also known as hessian or jute) can be found both in its organic, natural color or sanitized and dyed different colors. It can be transformed into almost any crafted item. Canvas is very similar.

Jute Vintage Linseed Meal Bag

To protect these pieces from spills and stains, we've applied FabShield. This process laminates a layer of clear plastic film to the outside of the fabric, sealing it and protecting it from any moisture. And for additional strength and stability, we've backed them with our FabBack soft knit backing. This will make the materials easier to work with and fabricate into finished goods, while also giving each finished item a nice soft feel, too.

We would be very happy to do the same for you. After doing a little bit of searching on the Internet, it looks like a handy person could acquire some of these raw materials pretty inexpensively. Then, send them to us for the FabBack reinforcing and FabShield protection. When you receive them back, get crafty and turn them into the coolest purses, backpacks, and whatever else you can dream up. Sell them to people who aren't as crafty and creative as you are, and you can make a nice income from your skills!

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