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Alluring World of Silk ‘Heartstrings’

The allure of beautiful silks has been described by poets, transformed in epic costumes such as the luscious green silk dress worn in one of Dolly Parton ‘Heartstrings’ TV series to personify J.J. Sneed lyrics while, other fashion trends have marked significant social changes in history. As silks continue

evolving in the interior designing industry, the processes utilized for backing and finishing delicate silks, such as Dupioni, have become more sophisticated and a major resource for designers to achieve a finished product that upholds the silk's integrity and style.

3 Heartstring Reasons to Love FabricBack

1. Unbeatable Turnaround Time!

At FabricBack, we provide our clients with the quickest turnaround time, 8-10 business days and same day expedited services regardless, the order size. That also applies to orders with diverse treatments, 100% silks...embroidered, stripped and iridescent, and all other specialty fabrics. We work one-on-one with customers and designers to meet demanding deadlines. Our priority is to deliver the highest quality of services in backing and fabric treatments that would elevate the design and value of the creation.

“We have been thrilled with Fabric Backing & Finishing Company's work. They have wonderful customer service, a fast turnaround time and our fabrics have stood the test of time with their backing and stain protection. We highly recommend their services!"

Caroline Zamadics Anne Interior Designer Wagoner Interiors

2. Enterprising One-Stop-Shop!

Save Time / Find Exclusive Silks / Get Specialty Knit-Backing & Non-Woven / Vast Finishes. We have an exclusive line of unique 100% silk fabrics, rich in color, embroideries, and design available only in the U.S through our sister silk company. FabricBack specializes in knit-backing. Our expertise is providing backing for textured and embroidered fabrics without altering the properties and design of the material, to mention a few: silks, velvets, and all pleated and striped fabrics.

"Our embroidered fabric was backed with FabBack (knit backing) to make it sturdier and then used for a sofa. The product and the service was excellent, I'm very pleased with FabricBack."

Karina Espinosa Interior Designer

3. Innovative Technology!

We are always one step ahead of our competitors! We have the latest technology in backing that allows us to provide our clients with the distinctive service of backing fabrics and silks that are up to 120” in width. Interior designers take advantage of this backing to create wallcoverings, draperies, upholstery for large furniture pieces and large spaces decor.

"We sent it to the Fabric Backing & Finishing Co to be backed so that it could be installed on the wall. The result was perfect. The opportunity to use the fabric on the wall instead of just a printed paper added so much texture and life. The client was thrilled with the result."

Carrie Herrington Interior Designer C. Herrington Home + Design

We, at FabricBack, are passionate about offering our clients boutique services with a family feel coupled with unmatched quality and customer service.

Have a Silky Valentine's Day from the FabricBack team!

Embroidered Silk Knit Backing


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